Police Patrol Request

HouseCitizens may request that their home or business be patrolled while away or during other special circumstances.

To request a police patrol, fill out all fields on the form below and click submit. If your request was received, you will see a "Thank You" screen.  If you click submit but do not see a "Thank You" screen, please scroll down, fill out all required information and click submit again.  Your request will be processed within twelve hours.

If you have any questions about patrol requests or this form, please call Police Dispatch at 843-886-6522.


Start Date:
Start Time:
End Date: (Max: 30 days)
End Time:
Additional Information:
Will someone be present at your residence/business? (Landscaper, pool person, house sitter, etc.) If yes, what is their schedule?

Are there lights active on a timer or windows intentionally kept open? Please provide timer information and other details.

How many vehicles will be at the residence?   
Describe the model and tag information.

Reason for SPR:
(Suspicious activities, on vacation, home alone, etc.)


Drive-by Patrol: Officer to drive by building and observe.

Complete Patrol: Officer to physically check exterior doors and windows of building and observe.


Note: Drive-by is not allowed unless the house is occupied AND it is requested by the resident.

Comments and Other Instructions: