Mayor Dick Cronin graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He subsequently attended Harvard Business School's Program for Management Development.  His professional career was spent in the electric power industry, as he worked first for Westinghouse Electric and then as President of Combustion Engineering's Power Plant Company.  Mayor Cronin has significant international experience.  He operated companies in over twenty countries and designed and built power plants on every continent.

Mayor Cronin's service to the City started in 2000 when he was appointed to the Planning Commission.  He served as chairman of the Planning Commission until 2006 when he was elected to serve on City Council.  In February 2009, Dick was elected as Mayor of the Isle of Palms.  In addition to chairing City Council meetings, Dick also chairs the Ways and Means Committee. Within South Carolina, Dick has served as President of the Association of South Carolina Mayors and currently serves as Vice President of the Municipal Association of South Carolina. 

Since his retirement, Dick has enjoyed his long-standing love of tennis and has taken up golf.  His United States Tennis Association Team - the Isle of Palms Silvers - placed first in the Lowcountry and finished third at the South Carolina State tournament in 2008.

Mayor Cronin resides at 8 Marsh Point Lane with his wife Marcy,  They have three daughters. Kerry lives in Atlanta, Kim is in Raleigh and Becky in Mount Pleasant.  Their three grandchildren, Jack, Allyson and Kaitlyn, are frequent visitors to the island.  Since Becky is a Clemson graduate, the family members are avid Clemson fans.

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You may also write Mayor Cronin at The City of Isle of Palms, Post Office Box 508, Isle of Palms, South Carolina 29451.
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