FY 19 Budget

On May 23, 2018, City Council unanimously approved the adoption of a budget for fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018, and ending June 30, 2019. The approved FY 19 budget does not include a tax increase. The City’s revenue sources are either stable or increasing; the General Fund shows a 2.5% increase and the tourism funds are either stable or increasing slightly. The approved budget includes a provision for cost of living adjustment of 2.2% and a merit pool of 2%.  The FY 19 budget also includes funds to support initiatives that address the top priorities identified by the residents at the two Citizen Input sessions held earlier this year.

  • Parking: Implementation of the recent changes to the Managed Beach Parking Plan recently approved by Council. Subject to SCDOT approval, the changes are to establish a year-round managed parking plan, require parallel parking along the public right-of-way on Palm Boulevard between 21st Avenue and 40th Avenue, prohibit trailer parking along the public rights-of-way on Waterway Boulevard and prohibit non-resident parking along the rights-of-way of 41st Avenue.
  • Drainage: $400,000 for engineering, design and permitting for work on the City’s major drainage outfalls between 30th and 41st Avenue, and $1,500,000 for the completion of Phase II Drainage project.
  • Sewer: A collaborative endeavor between the City and the Isle of Palms Water and Sewer Commission to study the feasibility and necessary steps to expand public sewer on the island.
  • Coyotes: Increases funding to continue implementing the City’s coyote management plan.
  • IOP Marina: Funds for engineering assistance in developing a phased approach to repair/rehabilitate the docks at the marina, construction of proposed improvements and to paint the bulkhead.
  • Personnel: The addition of an Assistant Public Works Director of Maintenance and Facilities who will supervise drainage projects and City building improvements.
  • Recreation: $64,000 to rehabilitate the gym floor, which will be offset by a $13,000 grant, and $68,000 to rehabilitate the tennis courts. The budget also includes additional funds to part-time wages to keep the Recreation Center open on Sundays.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Funds for design and engineering for improvements to the multi-use path on Waterway Boulevard.
  • Fire Safety: The budget contemplates the completion of the purchase of a new 75’ ladder for the Fire Department.
  • Building Maintenance: Approximately $1,000,000 to undertake building maintenance work on various City buildings.  
  • Dune Protection: Funds to support a cost-sharing initiative between the City and residents to encourage the planting of native vegetation.


A sandy path leading to the beach.