'Signal 30' Award

The City of Isle of Palms gives an award for special citizen service. This special award occurs on an extremely limited basis as a result of a recommendation. The decision to give a "Citizen Service" award is made by City Council and actual award is bestowed by the Mayor and City Council.

The award was developed in 2002. It is named the "Signal 30" award because "Signal 30" is an Isle of Palms Public Safety code for "citizen service." The "Signal 30" Award is presented by the Mayor at a meeting of City Council.

Date Bestowed Name of Recipient Date of Action Reason Bestowed
July 28, 2015          Diane Oltorik 2011-2015 For creation of a medical loan closet to assist residents and visitors with special needs.
January 24, 2012      Bill Pennington November 2, 2011     For performing CPR and saving the life of a person in cardiac arrest.

February 26,

Jeremy Argabright January 8, 2008 For preventing the spread of a house fire by alerting the residents and the Fire Department.

February 26, 2008

Dylan Campbell January 8, 2008

For preventing the spread of a house fire by alerting the residents and the Fire Department.

October 25, 2005

Matthew Smith September 17, 2006 For heroic action in pulling an Accident victim from a tractor trailer rig just before it burst into flames.
May 24, 2005 Jack Tracey 22+ years For 22+ years volunteer coaching island youth sports: boys' basketball and baseball and girls' T-ball, softball and basketball teams.
June 25, 2002 Alex Mason May 24, 2002 At age 13, he provided assistance to Emergency Responders in locating an injured 12-year-old boy at Hole 10 on the Golf Course.
A sandy path leading to the beach.