Victim Advocate Office

The Isle of Palms Victim Advocate Office is unique in the fact that the advocate is also a certified law enforcement officer. Most victim advocates do no have a certified officer serving in this capacity. It has proved to be a valuable asset to the victim advocate office in having experience as law enforcement officer.

The Isle of Palm's Victim Advocate office provides immediate crisis intervention to victim's of violent crimes as well as other's who are going through traumatic situations.

The victim advocate deals with all types of victim's ranging from domestic violence, identity theft, fraud and many others. The victim advocate also deals with non criminal matters such as suicides and missing children. The victim advocate is on call and available to victims twenty-four hours a day.

The Isle of Palms Victim Advocate sends a letter to each victim of crime offering assistance to the victim if they need assistance. The letter also contains information about the court date they are involved in which a suspect was arrested.

The victim advocate office strives to accommodate each and every victim in accordance with the Victim's Bill of Rights. Victims and witnesses of crime are afforded the following rights under South Carolina Law, Section 16-3-1530:

  1. A right to be treated with dignity and compassion
  2. A right to protection from intimidation and harm
  3. A right to be informed concerning the Criminal Justice Process.
  4. A right to preservation of property and employment.
  5. A right to Due Process in Criminal Court Proceedings.
  6. Special Recognition for the very young, the elderly, the handicapped and others with special needs.

Phone Numbers

Isle of Palms Police Dept 886-6522
Emergency 911
Charleston County Sheriff's Office 554-4700
Charleston County Health Dept 724-5800
Charleston County Solicitor's Office 958-1900
People Against Rape 745-0144
My Sister's House 744-3242
Charleston County Family Court 958-4400
Low Country Women in Crisis 746-1003
Low Country Children's Center 723-3600
Suicide Support Group 744-4357


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