Spirit of the Island Award

The Spirit of the Island Award is a prestigious award that recognizes an individual or an organization that has made significant contributions to the well being of the Isle of Palms. This award will recognize an individual or organization’s remarkable single achievement or community service and volunteerism.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations for an individual or organization to be considered for the Spirit of the Island Award must include the following:

  • Application: An official application form must be submitted.
  • Biographical Summary: Applications must include a thorough and detailed biographical statement of the nominee’s accomplishments with specific details and examples using clear, concise, descriptive language. Include time periods of memberships, leadership roles, and professional and personal achievements. Materials supporting the nominee’s achievements may also be submitted, including professional articles, press releases, etc.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Application must include letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the nominee’s character, accomplishments, and significant contributions to the Isle of Palms.

All applications will be reviewed by a nomination committee made up by the Mayor and the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee will make the recommendation to City Council to issue the award.

Date BestowedName of Recipient Reason 
May 24, 2022Jim ThompsonFor his unselfish service to the Isle of Palms Exchange Club
September 27, 2022Geoffrey FourqureanPrepared and delivered hundreds of free meals to island residents. 
June 27, 2023Ted Kinghorn Dedication to the Exchange Club community projects, including the Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support (LENS )Program
June 27, 2023ACME Lowcountry Kitchen Generosity to Isle of Palms first responders and city employees; provides free meals and discounts.
October 24, 2023Susan Hill SmithDevotion to preserving the island's natural beauty and helping to solve the pollution crisis through the efforts of the IOP Cleanup Crew.