The Code of the City of Isle of Palms, South Carolina

The Code is updated annually to incorporate ordinances that City Council has adopted with second reading and ratification. The most recent update include ordinances enacted through August 2018.

Ordinance 2018.07 - An ordinance to provide additional regulations related to parking in loading zones, increase the fine for parking in violation of loading zone regulations to $100.00, additional regulations for immobilization and impoundment of certain vehicles provide reference to state law related to handicap parking, and to amend administrative provisions related to deposit of monies collected from parking fees and penalties.

Ordinance 2018.08 - An ordinance authorizing the City Administrator to execute the necessary documents to enter into that certain third amendment to commercial lease agreement between the City and Barrier Isles, LLC.

Ordinance 2018.05An ordinance to require parallel parking and prohibit double parking on the passenger side of vehicles on Palm Boulevard between 21st and 40th Avenue, to provide a new definition for "resident parking district", provide exemptions for emergency, law enforcement and public service vehicles while performing official duties, and to provide for year-round enforcement of the parking plan. Managed Beach Parking Sign Plan - June 13, 2018.

Ordinance 2018.10 - An ordinance to prohibit boat trailer parking on Waterway Boulevard and on 41st Avenue, provide an exception for vehicles displaying a valid resident parking permit to park with attached boat trailers along the right-of-way of 41st Avenue from Waterway Boulevard to the terminus of 41st Avenue. 

Ordinance 2018.13 - An ordinance to provide a new definition for impervious surface and provide new regulations related to filling or re-countouring of lots, ground elevation and site changes requiring a stormwater management plan. 

Ordinance 2018.17 - An ordinance to change visitor daily passes to annual multi-use passes and allow for 2 free visitor pass booklets per household per year. 

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