Headed by the City Administrator, the General Government or Administrative Department is the central division of City Government for executing policies set by the Mayor and City Council.

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  1. Apply For

  2. Learn About

  3. Pay a Parking Ticket

  4. Request

  1. Alarm Permit
  2. Beach Season Parking Permit
  3. Building Permit
  4. Business License
  5. Employment
  6. Home Occupation License
  7. Residential Rental License, Short and Long Term
  8. Volunteer Service on a Board or Commission
  1. Accommodations
  2. Beach Access and Parking
  3. Beach Restoration
  4. Beach Rules
  5. Beach Season Parking
  6. Connector Traffic
  7. Contact Information
  8. Disability Services and Access to the Beach
  9. Dogs on the Beach
  10. Emergency Preparedness
  11. Golf Cart Rules
  12. Island History
  13. Marina and Fishing
  14. Municipal Code of Laws
  15. Recreation Classes, Programs, or Leagues
  16. Restaurants
  17. Garbage Schedule
  18. Turtle Team
  19. Weddings on the Beach
  1. Breach Inlet Boat Ramp Key
  2. Building Inspection
  3. Continuance for a Court Date
  4. Copy of Incident or Accident Report
  5. Contact Information
  6. Disposition from a Court Case
  7. Equipment from the Medical Loan Closet
  8. Free T-Shirt
  9. Hurricane Re-Entry Sticker
  10. Non-Resident Property Owners Parking Permit
  11. Residential Parking Permit
  12. Rollout Cart for Trash Collection
  13. Special Assistance during an Evacuation
  14. Special Patrol Request of my Property




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A sandy path leading to the beach.