Rollout Carts

Purchase a Garbage Roll Cart online

Orders will be fulfilled upon delivery of new roll out carts.  

  • One (1) rollout cart per dwelling is issued by the City. Call the Public Works Department at 843-886-8956 to coordinate delivery.
  • Additional rollout carts may be purchased at City Hall, 1207 Palm Boulevard, (843) 886-6428. Ninety (90) gallon carts are $75.
  • Rollout carts are only delivered at the request of the homeowner.
  • Rollout carts are identified by a serial number assigned to each address. Please make a note of the last four numbers.
  • In the event that a homeowner moves, rollout carts are to remain at the assigned residence.
  • Please do not paint, mark or deface your cart.
  • Only Isle of Palms rollout carts will be emptied as a part of normal City Services.
  • Rollout carts will not be collected if construction materials or construction clean-up debris are present.
  • Homeowners are responsible for periodic cleaning. A mild detergent works well. Do not use gas or caustic chemicals in cleaning the cart.
  • Do not dispose of hot coals or flammable materials in rollout carts.
  • Normal repairs, such as wheels, bars, lids, will be repaired at no charge; however, should the City discover that abuse has occurred, the owner will be responsible for repairs and or replacement.
  • Rollout carts may be placed curbside after 5:00 p.m. the night before pick up.
  • Rollout carts must be removed from sight by 9:00 a.m. day after pick up.