Weddings on the Beach

Congratulations and thank you for choosing the beautiful Isle of Palms as the perfect venue for your dream wedding! The regulations that the City has in place are intended to protect the beach's natural beauty for all to enjoy.

You and your guests must be careful of the dunes for protection of sea turtles and erosion. Anything that you take to the beach for the ceremony—flowers, chairs, arbors etc. may only be there for the ceremony and must expeditiously be removed. Also, please make sure that your guests are aware of parking regulations and that, where parking is allowed, all four tires must be completely off of the roadway.

Professional photography is allowed on the beach under limited conditions. A paid photographer must have a City business license. However, all other businesses, such as catering, are prohibited on the beach. If you are having the event catered at a location off the beach, your catering company must have an Isle of Palms business license and adhere to the islands' hospitality tax ordinance. Please contact Douglas Kerr, Director of Building, Planning and Zoning, at 843-886-9912 for more information on these restrictions.

The beach is public, therefore, it is always a good idea to look at the City calendar and see if there are other activities, such as beach runs, planned for your selected time for the ceremony. It is also helpful to check the tide table and to advise the City's Police Department at (843) 886-6522, of the day of the event for awareness purposes.

For information about obtaining a marriage license please call Charleston County Marriage Licensing at (843) 958-5183.

Permits are required for large beach gatherings.

The City of Isle of Palms requires a permit for gatherings on public property, including the beach and beach access paths of more than 50 people. Please complete the application, if your event will include more than 50 people.

Completed applications must be submitted to the Police Department no later than 14 days prior to the planned gathering.