Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of seven (7) qualified electors of the City who shall be appointed by a majority of City Council. All members serve as such without compensation. No member may hold an elected Public office in the City.

The terms of office for members shall be staggered two (2) year terms. The term of four (4) members shall expire on December 31 of each odd-numbered year. The term for the other three (3) members shall expired on December 31 of each even-numbered year. Any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term by City Council. Members may be re-appointed to successive terms. The Commission elects one member as Chairman and one as Vice-Chairman, whose terms shall be for one (1) calendar year. The Commission shall also appoint a secretary, who may be an officer or an employee of the City or the Commission.

The Commission shall adopt rules of procedure and shall keep a record of its resolutions, findings and determinations which records shall be a public record.



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