SidewalkDepending on the type of project, certain inspections will be required. It is the responsibility of the contractor/owner to request an inspection at the correct time. Inspections are conducted Monday- Friday 10:00am-4:00pm.

Citizens may request a building inspection by completing the form below. 

The following list includes typical inspections performed on residential construction; however, the building inspector may require additional inspections. Contact the Building Inspector at (843)886-9912.

  • Footing-trenches and rebar (inspection prior to pouring concrete).
    All trees 8" or larger must be barricaded prior to inspection.
  • Concrete block piers, rebar in place and separated correctly
    (inspection prior to pouring cells).
  • Slab-plumbing and building (inspection prior to pouring concrete).
  • Sheathing, nailing and strapping (inspection prior to installing house wrap or felt to the exterior plywood). For new construction, an elevation certificate and foundation survey must be submitted prior to inspection.
  • Electrical, plumbing, mechanical and gas rough-In. Each "sub" must call in his or her own inspection.
    All rough-ins must be complete prior to framing inspection.
  • Framing inspection
  • Insulation inspection
  • Finals: mechanical, plumbing, electrical and gas. All subcontractor finals first.
  • Building final
  • Pool bonding and final inspection-fencing, decking and alarms in place.
  • For demolition of a structure, an inspection to ensure the electrical power disconnection is required prior to issuance of the permit.
  • Contractors and owners wishing to have an inspection, even in the permit does not require one, may request one at 843-886-9912.