Beach Restoration Underway on Isle of Palms

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C.- Some areas of the Isle of Palms coastline have experienced significant erosion due to Tropical Storm Idalia. The city is taking immediate action to restore its beaches and ensure their long-term sustainability. The city has launched a comprehensive beach cleanup and restoration effort that will continue over the next few weeks. The work will include debris removal from the beach and repair of the dunes in areas with emergency conditions.

The Breach Inlet parking lot is closed to vehicles to accommodate dumpsters and staging of equipment and personnel.

The following beach access paths are impassable due to having a steep drop-off at the end, caused by erosion:

Public Beach Access 1B
Public Beach Access 2A
Public Beach Access 3A

Safety is the city’s top priority during this cleanup. Please do not climb on or walk near eroded dunes in violation of city ordinances and stay clear of work vehicles.