City Awarded Grant to Support IOP Fire Department Wellness Program

The City successfully secured a $43,518 grant from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program for the purchase of exercise equipment to support and complete our Fire Department's Wellness and Fitness Program. The City’s matching cost share is $2,175.

This includes the purchase of the equipment ($34,798), required freight ($4,196), and two days of training ($5,200).

The objective of this project is to support and complement our annual NFPA physicals, annual physical agility testing, new hire testing, and to support our employees as they return to work from injury or an extended absence.

Isle of Palms Fire Chief Craig Oliverius worked with the city's grant writer to prepare and submit a competitive grant application. 

The equipment will provide physical fitness and training, allowing firefighters to hone their skills. Firefighters will also be able to monitor their recovery rates, making call responses even more efficient.