Construction Projects Affecting Traffic

Phase II Drainage

The contractor working on the Phase II Drainage project is ready to cross over onto Palm Boulevard at 46th Avenue on Monday, June 4th. The project is anticipated to take at least two weeks. After they cross Palm Boulevard, the work should move faster and it is expected that the impact on the main road will be minimal since they will mostly be working on the finger streets (45th through 52nd, with the exception of the private roads of 47th and 48th).

The IOP Police Department will have 2 officers assigned to assist with visibility to ensure traffic slows as it enters the work zone. The contractor, Eadie's, will have signs in place and flaggers to route traffic appropriately.

The Wild Dunes Community Association will close the yield lane out of Gate 1 (46th Avenue) but will redirect the traffic to flow straight ahead to the stop sign where cars will be able to turn left or right out of Wild Dunes. Large trucks will be encouraged to use the second gate.

IOP Public Works does not anticipate any impacts to the garbage collection schedule.

Microsurfacing on Palm Boulevard between 21st and 41st Avenues

As of today and weather permiting, the micro-surfacing work on Palm Boulevard between 21st and 41st is expected to take place on Tuesday, June 12th. The rain from the past couple of weeks has delayed the project significantly (the work on the island was supposed to be completed by March 16th). The City reached out to both the contractor and SCDOT in an effort to delay the work until after the summer, but were informed that it is not possible because the contractor has another job in Tennesse following the work in the Ciy. This means that both projects will overlap for a couple of days that week. This is not ideal, but the City will work closely with both contractors, our City partners and the City team to mitigate as much as possible the impact on traffic.

Please use cauion when driving through construcion areas. Allow extra time in your travel plans since traffic delays are possible.