Construction Starts on 30th Avenue Outfall Project

Construction has started on portions of the City's Phase 3 Drainage Project in the areas of 30th Avenue, Forest Trail and Waterway Boulevard. 

The project will provide a much-needed improvement to the flow of storm water out of the area, while also slowing tidal water from entering the system.

The improvements will include new piping under the pavement at the intersection of 30th Avenue, Waterway Boulevard and through the golf course, cleaning the channel through the marsh, as well as a new backflow valve system.

There will be a certain level of inconvenience associated with the work including construction sounds, large moving equipment, the storage of materials, and ultimately the closure of Waterway Boulevard with a detour. The detour is expected to begin in mid August and last several weeks. The portion of the project around 30th Avenue should be complete in early September and the contractor will then move to the Forest Trail area.

During the temporary road closure, all traffic on Waterway Boulevard will be rerouted at 29th Avenue and 31st Avenue to Palm Boulevard.

We appreciate your patience during the project, but also ask that you contact the City if there is something that can be done to help you through the process.

Road Detour Plan: