Council Presents Nomination for 2022

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, City Council presented nominations for the membership of standing committees, boards and commissions, and City Officers for 2022. The nominations will be voted on by the new Council after Mayor-elect Phillip Pounds and Council members elect Jan Anderson, John Bogosian, Blair Hahn and Katie Miars are sworn in on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. 

The nominations are as follows:


Standing Committees  
Public Safety CommitteeBlair Hahn, Jan Anderson, Rusty Streetman
Real Property CommitteeRusty Streetman, Kevin Popson, Katie Miars
Personnel CommitteeJan Anderson, John Bogosian, Phillip Pounds
Public Works CommitteeJimmy Ward, John Bogosian, Blair Hahn
Recreation CommitteeKatie Miars, Jimmy Ward, Kevin Popson
Boards & Commissions 
Planning Commission 

Scott Pierce, Marty Brown, Ron Denton and Suzanne Nagelski

Board of Zoning AppealsArnold Karig and Glen Thornburg
City Officers 
City Judge Michael Molony
Associate JudgeDavid Michel 
City AttorneyBrent Halversen
Assistant City AttorneyMac McQuillin
CARTA BoardJimmy Ward
Charleston Visitors BureauRusty Streetman
CBD Council of GovernmentsJan Anderson
Environmental Advisory CommitteeJohn Bogosian