COVID-19 | Update #16

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, Governor Henry McMaster signed Executive Order 2020-25 which reopens public boat ramps and boat landings for the purpose of launching and retrieving boats from the waterways. Public docks, piers, and wharves remain closed to the public except to those with a commercial fishing license.
What does this mean for the IOP City Marina and Breach Inlet Boat ramp? Both boat ramps would reopen for boat launching as of noon tomorrow. The use of the boat ramp would be limited to the access restrictions in place, therefore, only residents and property owners who have access to the island would be allowed to launch their boats from these two locations. Folks would also need to continue following social distancing guidelines.
The Executive Order also authorizes the City to close the boat ramps if it is determined that such action is necessary to preserve or protect public health.
Since the City does not have an emergency ordinance regulating access to the boat ramps, the reopening of the boat ramp would happen automatically at noon in accordance with the City's current access restrictions.