Dominion Energy Palmetto Tree Removals

As part of Dominion Energy's five-year tree trimming cycle to maintain public safety and system reliability, a number of palmetto trees located on the public right of way across the island need to be removed. Following an assessment by Dominion Energy's certified arborists, 97 palmettos were identified for removal. View the full list here.

These trees are in close proximity to the overhead wires and require removal due to the risk of interference with the power lines or the possible creation of a fire hazard. Lewis Tree has been hired by Dominion Energy to perform the work. The work is scheduled to begin in May and it is estimated that the work will be completed within 4 weeks, weather permitting.

Customers with questions about DESC's tree trimming program can visit or call 800-251-7234.

To review DESC's list of approved right-of-way plantings, please visit