Mayor's Message - December 5, 2023

Happy Holidays! No matter how you choose to celebrate this month, I
hope you can be surrounded by family and friends and enjoy the season. It’s such a blessing to live
where we do and still be able to enjoy outdoor activities most days. This is my favorite time of
year to take a walk on the beach, enjoy a bike ride or play golf. It’s also the time I prepare for the new year with a fresh to-do list and new priorities.

It has been a busy year for City Council and the City’s employees and I’m so proud of everything
we’ve accomplished and of our plans for
next year.

I won’t recap all our projects over the year since I have detailed those in
prior messages, however just a few quick updates:

• Drainage – our outfall project at 36ᵗʰ Avenue will be wrapped up early next year. The 41ˢᵗ Avenue
project will start during the first quarter. These projects will improve conditions on the amount
of standing water events experienced by residents and property

• IOP Marina – the construction of the new public dock at the Isle of Palms Marina, which includes
a 16’ wide pier with swings and benches, a new floating dock and kayak launches, all ADA
compliant, is expected to start during the first quarter of 2024.

• Beach Access Path Improvements – The beach access paths at 26A, 36A, 46ᵗʰ and 52ⁿᵈ have been
selected for improvements in 2024. Surveys have been completed and design is underway. Two of these
beach access paths will include ADA compliant
improvements and the other two will be improved to help with standing water issues that limit access to the beach after rain

• Beach Maintenance and Restoration – Our work around Breach
Inlet to protect residences and provide a place for people to enjoy the beach continues as we
approach the start of the larger project in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers early next
year. The City is also actively addressing erosion issues at Beachwood East.

• 21ˢᵗ Avenue sidewalk – the City is working with Charleston County on improvements to the existing
sidewalk at 21ˢᵗ Avenue. These include widening and extending the sidewalk to Palm Boulevard.
Over the years this sidewalk has become difficult to use due to vegetation encroachments and tree
roots disrupting the asphalt. We anticipate construction to begin next year.

• Rec Center – the new fitness court and improvements to the dog park are completed. Go see them
and give them a try! Be on the lookout for new programming around these improved facilities.

I hope you were able to participate in the Holiday Street Festival. Our Rec Center team always does
such a nice job on this event providing an opportunity to re-connect with neighbors or meet new
residents in our community. The last City sponsored event for December is Santa’s
Cookie Workshop at the Rec Center on December 19ᵗʰ from 2:00-3:30. Register by December 15ᵗʰ to

Our city offices will be closed December 22-26. Enjoy your holidays! Thank you for the opportunity to serve! See you around the island.

Phillip Pounds, Mayor IOP