Pumping Standing Storm Water From Flooded Streets

When the Isle of Palms has experienced significant flooding, it has been necessary for the City to implement a temporary emergency protocol of pumping standing storm water from flooded streets on the beach to ensure police and fire personnel access to the street in case of an emergency. This emergency, contingency plan for pumping flood waters has been used for more than 20 years with no adverse consequences. The City recognizes that it is not ideal and for that reason completed Phase I Drainage Project in 2012 and is currently constructing Phase II Drainage Project expected to be completed in this fall. While these two projects will not 100% eliminate the need to pump in unusually high water table, rainy times, these two projects have and will greatly reduce the incidence of flooded, blocked roadways and emergency beach access paths.

The Charleston County Storm Water Management Program monitors and manages the City's storm water management plan. According to the Storm Water Management Program guidelines, pumping ground water and storm water to the beach is not considered an illicit discharge. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) collects water quality samples at beaches across the state twice per month. You may find more information about SCDHEC's beach monitoring program on their website here.

To view SCDHEC's database of beach monitoring results click here.

If citizens have questions or concerns about the water quality associated with storm water discharges, please contact the Charleston County Storm Water Management Program Hotline at (843) 202-7639.