Recycle Oyster Shells at Islander 71

Oyster Recycling at Islander 71

Local restaurant, Islander 71, is partnering with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to make oyster shell recycling convenient for IOP residents and visitors. The recycling trailer will be available for the oyster roasting season from now until March 2024. South Carolina is experiencing a critical shortage in oyster shells. To properly manage the state's oyster beds and maintain these important habitats, citizens and businesses must continually recycle the shell that is removed from the state's oyster beds. 

Here's how oysters benefit the environment: 

  • Filtering (adult oysters filter up to 2.5 gallons of water per hour, improving water quality in the process)
  • Providing habitat (oysters build reefs, which provide habitat for fish, shrimp, crabs, and other animals)
  • Controlling erosion (oyster reefs are natural breakwaters that protect shorelines).

You can help by recycling shells at Islander 71, located at:

80 41st Ave

Isle of Palms, SC 29451


For other oyster shell recycling locations, visit the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website.

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