SCDOT Proposed Bike Accommodations for IOP Connector

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has shared with the City their proposed plans to make accommodations on the IOP Connector bridge for cyclists. 

Their plans involve reducing the center median from 10’ to 4’, expand the existing pedestrian lane from 4’ to 5’, install a 4’6” bicycle lane and a 3’6” buffer between the bicycle lane and the vehicular lane. SCDOT proposes to make these changes on both sides of the bridge.

SCDOT also proposes to reduce the speed limit on the IOP Connector from 55 mph to 45 mph to accommodate the bicyclists. 

The proposed plans are available here

According to SCDOT officials, this project is part of a Complete Streets Departmental Directive to establish guidelines for inclusion of multimodal accommodations (walking, bike, transit) in the state-owned highway system. Read the Departmental Directive here. 

Construction: SCDOT plans to begin the marking project on February 17, 2021 and complete it by mid-March, depending upon the weather.  The project will begin with the eradication of existing markings within the existing median area. This includes removing the raised pavement markers, bituminous materials, and other items. Subsequently, the placement of the new 4 foot median markings will take place.  Traffic will then be shifted to the center of the bridge with work efforts moving to the shoulder areas.  Removal efforts will occur during the overnight hours. 

SCDOT’s Director of Traffic Engineering and their state traffic operations engineer presented these plans to the Public Safety Committee Thursday, February 4 at 3:00 p.m. Watch the meeting here

Public Comment: If you have concerns or questions about the IOP Connector Plans, you may contact Robert Perry, P.E., Director of Traffic Engineering for SCDOT by clicking this link or emailing him at  

UPDATE: On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, the City of Isle of Palms received a letter from the South Carolina Department of Transportation in response to the concerns raised by the City and its constituents regarding the planned modifications to the IOP Connector.