IOP Marina Public Dock and Greenspace

Milestone timeline:

City Council votes to create a public dock and greenspace at the IOP Marina
Completed: Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22 2020
City staff presents conceptual plan for the IOP Waterfront Park to the Real Property Committee
Completed: Nov 4, 2020
Nov 4 2020
City seeks input and feedback from the community about the conceptual plan.
Completed: Nov 12, 2020
Nov 12 2020
City staff met with Kelly Messier to discuss and evaluate the feedback received about the proposed public dock and greenspace. Adjustments to the proposed plan will be developed for Council consideration.
Completed: Jan 5, 2021
Jan 5 2021
City Staff presents updated conceptual plan to Real Property Commitee
Completed: Feb 1, 2021
Feb 1 2021
City engages Davis & Floyd to develop specifications for construction of public greenspace
Completed: Feb 9, 2022
Feb 9 2022
Davis & Floyd conducts structural assessment of the bulkhead along the public dock
Completed: Apr 19, 2022
Apr 19 2022
City Council approved a contract to Bluetide Marina Construction for the construction of needed bulkhead repairs and the installation of a six-foot wide Ipe deck boardwalk and treated pine handrail along the Intracoastal side of the Marina.
Completed: Oct 25, 2022
Oct 25 2022
Boardwalk along the Intracoastal side of the marina is completed.
Completed: May 1, 2023
May 1 2023
City receives both state and federal permits for the construction of the new public dock
Completed: Oct 3, 2023
Oct 3 2023
City issues Request for Proposals for the renovation of the IOP Public Dock and the repairs to the "T" dock along the Intracoastal
Completed: Oct 19, 2023
Oct 19 2023
Deadline for Proposals
Completed: Nov 21, 2023
Nov 21 2023
Council approves contract to Truluck Construction for the construction of the Public Dock, and repairs to the "T" dock
Completed: Nov 28, 2023
Nov 28 2023

On September 22, 2020, City Council voted to create a public dock and greenspace in the space formerly leased to the commercial watersports operation. 

Kelly Messier, an island resident and landscape architect, offered her services pro bono to develop a first draft of a conceptual plan for the Isle of Palms Waterfront Park. The plan covers the 300 linear feet by 25 foot wide area along the bulkhead of the marina area facing the Intracoastal Waterway. The implementation of this vision will require collaboration and participation from the marina manager and restaurant tenants. 

Below is a written description of the first draft of the conceptual drawing: 

A 6 foot wide tabby concrete walkway is proposed behind the existing two foot wide wood border of the bulkhead.  Wood bollards with a rope railing, as used in other areas of the marina, are proposed to be added on top of the wood border. 

A series of benches are proposed along the waterfront walkway to allow residents to enjoy the views of the water and the sunsets and boating activities.  Some half circle benches would allow groups of people to sit together and converse.  Smaller benches, which could be swing benches, are placed to accommodate single persons or couples. 

A circular seat wall near the public dock creates an entrance to the dock area.  A flagpole could be located in the center of the circle surrounded by a simple lawn area.  There are lawn areas on either side of the center area that would also allow sitting or stretching out on the grass.

An entry walk to the waterfront park is created in the median area through the parking lot that would allow residents and visitors to come directly to the park.  There are bicycle parking areas near the entrance.  A kayak storage area could be located at the end of the park near the dock to facilitate access to the kayak launch area.

Golf cart parking spaces are located behind the park area to provide resident parking and access to the waterfront park.  Lush planting with palm trees is proposed in the landscaped areas to buffer the waterfront park from the parking.  The planting could include large swatches of Sweetgrass alone or Sweetgrass mixed with some pops of color from seasonal flowering plants.  Bollards may be necessary at the walk entrances to prevent golf carts from entering the pedestrian areas.

City Council is seeking feedback from community members on the conceptual plan for the Isle of Palms Marina Waterfront Park. Residents may send their comments using the form below:

Project Updates

Update - April 2024
Tuesday, April 9, 2024

IOP Marina Public Dock & Greenspace

  • Funding Source: $1.7M ($1M ARP, Marina Fund, Muni ATAX & State ATAX)
  • Demolition of public dock began week of 4/1. After demolition, contractor will begin pile driving. Anticipated completion June 1st.


IOP Marina "T" Dock Repairs

  • Funding Source: $200K Marina Fund 
  • Work in progress 


Marina Dredging - Design and Permitting

  • Funding Source: $1.5M FY23 State Budget Allocation
  • Work in progress. ATM coordinating pre-application meetings and coordinating w stakeholder groups that are considering joining City's permit application. Construction anticipated in FY26.





Update - February 2024
Tuesday, February 13, 2024

IOP Marina Public Dock & Greenspace

Contract executed with Truluck Construction. Construction drawings in process. Contractor anticipated to mobilize in March.


IOP Marina "T" Dock Repairs

Removal of electrical and water systems, repairs to fixed pier and floatind dock and installation of fire extinguisher pedestals included in Truluck contract. Tenants requested to extend finger piers in lieu of new electrical and water systems, which requires permit modification from regulatory agencies. ATM provided proposal to City for permit modification assistance and coordination.


Marina Dredging - Design and Permitting

In process. ATM coordinating pre-application meetings and coordinating w stakeholder groups that are considering joining City's permit application. Construction anticipated in FY26.




Update - January 2024
Thursday, January 11, 2024

IOP Marina Public Dock & Greenspace

  • Construction contract executed and kick off meeting to be held end of January. Estimated project completion in May 2024.
  • Staff and ATM working on executing contract, then issue notice to proceed.

 IOP Marina "T" Dock Repairs

  • Budget for repairs approved by Council. Tenant feedback suggests a reallocation of funds away from replacing water and utility systems to extending finger piers. Permit modification required.

 Marina Dredging

  • In process. ATM, staff and marina tenants met in December to review scope and schedule. Also working with stakeholders who want to join City's permitting process.


Update - November 2023
Tuesday, November 14, 2023

IOP Marina Public Dock & Greenspace

Bid Package released on 10/19. Pre-bid meeting held on 11/1. Bid deadline

IOP Marina "T" Dock Repairs

City received OCRM permit for minor repairs and maintenance for the "T" dock.
Scope of repairs included with the public dock project bid packet due 11/21.

Marina Dredging

In process. ATM completed the dredge disposal alternatives. Staff coordinating
progress meeting to review options and determine next steps in permitting

Update- October 2023
Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Marina Public Dock & Greenspace 

Permits from Ocean and Coastal Research Management (OCRM) and the U.S. Army Corps (USACE) of Engineers are on hand.

IOP Marina "T" Dock Repairs

City reapplying for OCRM permit for minor repairs and maintenance for the "T" dock. City will bid scope of repairs with the public dock construction. In process.

Marina Dredging

ATM studying dredge disposal alternatives and preparing permit application. 

Update - September 2023
Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Public Dock & Greenspace 

Design work 95% complete. Permits from OCRM and USACE are expected by the end of September. Bidding will quickly follow once permits are in hand.


T Dock Repairs 

Repairs/Maintenance to the T dock to be included as an alternate bid with the public dock bidding process.



City held stakeholder meeting on 8/23 to begin coordination with marina neighbors to join permitting and dredging efforts. ATM studying the dredge disposal alternatives.