Tourism Management Community Enrichment Plan

Community Enrichment Plan - To enhance the quality of life and overall experience for all who live, work, and play on the island.

The City of Isle of Palms, in collaboration with Explore Charleston, the College of Charleston, and The McNair Group, is pursuing the development of a community enrichment plan using residents’ voices as the main driver of the process. The travel and hospitality industry are vital to the island's identity and economy.

Improving quality of life for residents is one of the main priorities anchoring the city’s Strategic Plan. Residents’ quality of life also plays a significant role in tourism’s success, and it is critical to the community's overall well-being. The city aims to maintain an equilibrium of these key elements for the longevity and prosperity of Isle of Palms.

Community Input

Substantial community input and data will be collected to guide the city on how to productively deal with the complexities and challenges of regional population growth while ensuring Isle of Palms thrives as the most sustainable, family-friendly beach community in South Carolina. Data will be collected through surveys, focus groups and large listening sessions.

The first step in the process is to gather as much information as possible from the community. A survey will be available in the Fall of 2023 to gather feedback. Residents and visitors are encouraged to make note of how the city can improve from a residential and tourism standpoint.

The second step is to form a committee comprised of various community members, including residents, business owners, city leadership, and tourism experts. The committee will be responsible for developing recommendations to address livability and tourism management and facilitate community enrichment on a continuous basis.

 All collected data and insight will be used to outline recommendations for an ongoing plan that will create improvements that foster livability, sustainability and responsible economic development.

 Please stay tuned as more updates on the project are forthcoming.