Council Approves First Reading of FY23 Budget

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, City Council approved the first reading of the proposed FY23 budget beginning July 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2023. The proposed budget dos not include a property tax increase, keeping the City's millage rate one of the lowest in the area.

The budget includes revenues of $22.5 million and expenses of $23.9 million.

Some of the Key Initiatives included are:


  • Provision for 2.5% wage adjustments for all City Departments
  • Recreation Bond paid off in June 2023
  • Construction of public park and greenspace at the Public Dock at the IOP Marina
  • Sponsorship of resident Eco Tour outings from the IOP Marina
  • Tuition reimbursement program available for all full-time employees
  • Development of a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan
  • Ongoing shoreline monitoring of the entire beach
  • Provision for contracted grant writer, media specialist, lobbyist and traffic engineer

Police Department

  • Replacement of 3 patrol vehicles
  • Replacement of low-speed vehicle and purchase of License Plate Readers for parking enforcement
  • Replacement of traffic counters at IOP Connector and Breach Inlet
  • Purchase of de-escalation and use of force training system
  • Provision for additional code enforcement officer
  • Increased funds to support additional County Deputies to assist in summer traffic management
  • Initiation of Text-to-Park option for Front Beach Parking

Fire Department

  • Replace 3 pickup trucks, an all-terrain vehicle for beach patrol and a personal watercraft for water rescue calls
  • Refurbishment of gyms at Public Safety Building and Fire Station 2
  • Purchase of a second set of bunker gear for all personnel
  • Purchase of a rescue drone
  • Installation of exhaust system at Public Safety Building and Fire Station 2
  • Provision for development of a Fire Department strategic plan

Public Works

  • Construct drainage outfalls at 30th and 36th Avenue
  • Reconstruct and elevate Waterway Blvd multi-use path
  • Underground utility lines at 21st Avenue, with additional projects in future years
  • Comprehensive Drainage Plan by Davis & Floyd
  • Provision for targeted drainage projects identified by the Comprehensive Drainage Plan
  • Ongoing storm water ditch maintenance
  • Provision to address issues at Front Beach garbage compactor

Recreation Department

  • Reconstruction of the outdoor basketball courts
  • Construction of two pickle ball courts
  • Funds to support 7 community events including Front Beach, Music in the Park, and Holiday Fests