Isle of Palms Marina Restaurant Building Assessment

The Morgan Creek Grill restaurant lease expires in October 2020. It is the City's goal to continue to lease the building to be operated as a restaurant. Prior to starting the "Request for Proposals" process, the City hired Hill Construction to perform a detailed assessment of the restaurant building and evaluate and provide alternatives to either repair the existing building or replace with a new building. The report was presented to the Real Property Committee at their May 1st meeting.

The report concluded that the condition of the building reflects its age and level of use. The building was built 35 years ago and needs significant repairs to ensure it is compliant with current building codes. The report also identified issues associated with the floor under the walk-in cooler and the temporary tents on the third floor that needed immediate attention. The City has taken proactive measures to address the immediate concerns identified by the building assessment report by securing confirmation from the tenant's structural engineer that the floor below the walk-in freezer is structurally sound. The tenant has retained a structural engineer to perform periodic inspections until the permanent repairs are completed.

The safety of our residents and visitors is the City's utmost concern. The City is actively working with the tenant to ensure that any concerns raised by this recent report are addressed quickly and appropriately so that Morgan Creek Grill may continue to operate through the end of their lease term.